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minimoon minimoon
Darunee Rujkorakarn
Roslan Bin Amirudin


This project aims to help and improve the quality of life for elders implemented by teachers and students in the Ban Yang, Maha Sarakham, Thailand. The students discussed with the elders to determine their needs and problems.  This project is a jointed work between 3 faculties, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design and Creative Arts and Faculty of Engineering, Mahasarakham University, Thailand. Each faculty has different responsibility. The Faculty of Nursing mainly focused on taking care of the elders’ health. The Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design and Creative Art, and the Faculty of Engineering worked together to rebuild the most suitable houses for the elders. The research activities were firstly provided activities that the elders could join and helped reducing their stresses. Secondly, recreated the activities that could help the elders doing exercises for improving physical health. Thirdly, rebuilt the elders’ houses suitable for their needs. Finally, improved the temples to be more comfortable and easier for usage for the elders. The results of this project showed significant improvement in quality of life for the elders under the research areas, which could be both during getting the local people to involve and teach the elders regarding the proposed knowledge and skills and after the project completed.


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minimoon minimoon, Rujkorakarn D, Amirudin RB. ELDER TREATMENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT FOR LOCAL COMMUNITY. CUE-J [Internet]. 2019Jun.30 [cited 2020Feb.29];1(1):38-6. Available from: https://so01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/CUE-J/article/view/154167
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Darunee Rujkorakarn, Mahasarakham University

Faculty of Nursing, Mahasarakham University, Thailand.

Roslan Bin Amirudin, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Department of Quantity Surveying,

Faculty of Built Environment, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia.


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