A Study of Disaster Management Competency and Indicators in Thailand’s Local Admanistration




Competency, Functional Competency, Hazard specific competency, Human Resource Development


This qualitative research study aims to investigate functional and hazard specific competencies of Thai local administrative officers in disaster prevention and mitigation.  The data was collected through document research, in-depth interviews and group discussions from representatives from a central policy making agency and with staff from disaster prevention and mitigation agencies in six local administrative organizations around Thailand. The data was collected in
six localities and analyzed by means of content analysis. The results showed that there are three functional competencies, namely 1) understanding of laws, regulations and authority;  2) proactive analysis and evaluation of the situation; and 3) networking in operations and public and community relations.  Hazard specific competency in floods and mudslides includes the movement and evacuation of flood victims and persuasion of the management in the area, while hazard specific competency in storms includes specialization in the demolition of buildings and obstructions. The study found that human resource development in the local government should be developed through the concept of competency as a framework for development and performance appraisal.
Keywords: Competency, Functional Competency, Hazard specific competency, Human Resource Development


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1. Policy Executives of Local Government Organizations and staff
in disaster prevention and mitigation in Ang Thong Municipality, Pak
Kret Municipality, Huayang Subdistrict Administrative Organization,
Mae Sai Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Surat Thani City
Municipality Amphoe, Udon Thani City Municipality Manager and
staff involved in the public health work at the Personnel Development
Institute for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.




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