Reinventing Public Healthcare in India


  • Milind Kokje Chief Editor, Bio Spectrum Asia.


Public Healthcare, India , COVID-19, health insurance scheme


The outbreak of COVID-19 exposed the gaps and shortcomings in the Indian public healthcare System. The Indian healthcare system is a glaring example of two extremes of positive and negative. The Constitution of India does not guarantee health as a fundamental right, though the Indian judiciary, through its several judgements, has interpreted the concerned articles to expand their scope to include the right to health. India’s achievements in developing healthcare infrastructure, having more health personnel in service etc. are still much less than the requirement and below global benchmarks. It has launched the world’s largest health insurance scheme. Still, the country lags behind on several factors in healthcare and will have to move with real pace to improve the overall system. The COVID-19 outbreak has stressed that need with urgency. It will be worth knowing if the same pandemic can now become a cause for overall improvement of the healthcare system with speed.      


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