The Thais in Exile: Repression, exile and emergence of the guerilla in the North East of Thailand (1960-1965)




Cold War, Thai North-East, Laos, China, Vietnam, Thais


While Thailand’s fate during the Cold War may seem more enviable than that of most of its Southeast Asian neighbors, the country nonetheless experienced greater unrest as the United States were sinking into the War in Vietnam. And the North-East, the poorest region of the kingdom, was among the most affected by the violence which broke out between the Thai armed forces and the Communist Party. In this part of Thailand, the development of the communist forces was possible largely due to the proximity of Laos.The dynamic between the Vietnamese Revolution and the foreign reaction then began to reach the Thai ally of the United States. In this paper, this dynamic is observed through the study of the activities of the “Thais in Exile” and their relations with Laotian and Chinese politicians and how these activities helped the organization of an armed opposition to the Thai Regime.


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