China’s role in the Arctic: observing and being observedISBN 9780367278694. Published May 12, 2020 by Routledge. Author: Nong Hong. 232 pages.


  • Magayo Alves


As indicated by its title, the author of the book – Dr. Nong Hong – focuses her efforts on understanding the current ways in which China sees and operates the Arctic, hence reflecting on how it seeks to develop its policies for the region and how its actions are seen by other actors. In summary, the book’s eight chapters could be grouped into three main points: China’s involvement in international organizations, its relations with Arctic stakeholders, and more specifically its actions across the Arctic territory, signifying the extent of its engagement with shipping activities and scientific development. Arguably, the main idea is to show readers how the world’s most populous nation is expanding its influence and increasing political power well beyond its surroundings, and how Arctic geopolitics will likely be altered by the actions proposed, taken and/ or implemented by it and other non-Arctic states in the near future.


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