Cambodia Watching Down Under

A Thirty Year Retrospective


  • Geoffrey Gunn -Center for Macau Studies, University of Macau



Cambodia, Australia, media, scholarship, promotion-reception-impact


With Cambodia Watching Down Under published by the Institute of Asian Studies then under the direction of Dr. Khien Theeravit at a time when the push for conflict resolution to the “Cambodia problem” reached a critical mass, three decades later this article looks back at the reception and impact of the book in a double sense. First, the question is posed as to the relevance of the book already made partly redundant by the signing of the landmark Paris Peace Agreements on Cambodia of October 23, 1991, several months after publication. Second, the article reflects upon the major thesis of the book around ideological distortions carried in the western (Australian) media in reporting on such conflict situations as Cambodia and, with reference to book reviews, commentaries, etc., leading into an attempt to gauge how this thesis has been received practically down to the present.





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