• สุพัฒพงศ์ แย้มอิ่ม A Dissert Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy In Public Administration Institute Of Public Administration College Of Government, Pathumthani,Thailand


Urban Devenlopment Policy, Policy Partnership, Publicpolicy Participation


Public canal rehabilitation administration in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration was the urban development in order to structure the physical environment of the city through the public policy process, education, public policy partnership in of public canal rehabilitation in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, describe the public policy model in urban development in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration as a partnership reflecting on the relative role of actors involved in all policies use qualitative methods of
study, in-depth interview and participatory observation. The study indicated that public policy public canal rehabilitation administration in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is a policy of city development that results from government decisions. It is a procedural process that has already set a guideline. The government provides policy support in the role of policy-makers (Policy entrepreneurs). There was an agency responsible for implementing policies in compliance with government mandates participation between the agencies and people affected from the policy including other related parties, showed
all policies had related role in the policy partnership as a guideline for the development of a public policy partnership process, should be strategic policy implementation of each agency responsible, and consider to account factors that affect the agency in a way that increases efficiency and obstacle the achievement of policy objectives.


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