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Production, Rice Processing, Consumption


This research aims to study rice production. Rice processing cost and rice consumer behavior in Tha Din Dam Subdistrict, Chai Badan District Lopburi Province. Methods of the study use quantitative research and qualitative research, which are participatory action research. The results of the study found that, the study of rice production there is only 144 rai of rice growing area, representing 0.39 percent of the total agricultural area. The average cost of rice paddy is 5 baht per kilogram and the average selling price of paddy is 6.70 baht per kilogram. The study of rice processing costs by interviewing 2 small and medium sized rice mills found that the total cost of rice milling 1.70 baht and 1.58 baht per kilogram respectively. The study of rice consumer interviewed 335 consumers; found that the important factor in buying rice is the price 43.99 percent, rice varieties 20.57 percent, brand 16.14 percent, rice characteristics 8.86 percent, nutrition 0.63 percent and other factors 9.81 percent. The average cost of rice paddy is 5 baht per kilogram, combined with rice milling cost will be equal to 6.70 and 6.58 baht per kilogram of rice paddy. If calculated in kilograms of rice, the value is 10.10 and 9.92 baht per kilogram, respectively. Meanwhile, the price that consumers buy is at an average price of 28.48 baht per kilogram which can be seen that there is still a price difference between processed rice with the price that consumers buy between 18.38 - 18.56 baht per kilogram. This important issue therefore led to the planning of operations for rice processing in the community. Initially introduced in the workshop to reflect and sharing lessons with community representatives in Tha Din Dam Sub-district to improve the small rice mill that is not used by private to establish as a community and discussing about the integration model for rice processing.


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