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  • Somsak Chanruanpho Suan Dusit University
  • Nataphad Thaenwarakran Majoi University
  • Eakanong Srisumaung Suan Dusit University
  • Chantakarn Songdeaj Suan Dusit University
  • Nattida Kitnade Suan Dusit University
  • Maytinee Nyuesude Suan Dusit University
  • สุทัศน์ ด่านตระกูล Tasadej Sub-district municipality


Elderly, Well-being, Community Capacity


This research aims to investigate conditions and needs for health promotion of the elderly in the community and to investigate activity models for the wellbeing promotion of the elderly based on the community’s capacity. The quantitative data were collected by questionnaire from 340 elderly people, and the data were analyzed with descriptive statistics. Qualitative data were obtained from seminars for small groups of stakeholders three times, totaling 45 people, and the data were analyzed with content analysis. Research results are as follows: 1. The condition and demand for promoting the well-being of the elderly were at the highest level in all issues, including education for promoting aging well-being. They were allowing communities to organize activities with leaders, groups, and networks to promote aging. 2. Community potential in supporting activities to promote the wellbeing of the elderly found that the elderly agreed that it was necessary at a high level, which was community leaders, human resources, community communication, and participation in health promotion activities. 3. The study of the elderly health promotion model based on community potential found that it consisted of 1) activities with characteristics that the elderly could do independently. 2) The activities are diverse, not boring, fun, consisting of knowledge, practice, and recreation. 3) Doing activities take less time, and 4) Do activities where equipment and materials are required to be easily obtained from the community.


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