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Guidelines, Tourism, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Bang Khen


The purpose of this research were to study a factor to manage a cultural heritage of Bang Khen District, Bangkok, Thailand, and, to development a tourism management guideline in intangible cultural heritage of Bang Khen. the qualitative research methods were used, the research instrument which is the focus group discussion.  The data analysis form uses content analysis method,

The results of the research founded that : 1) Cultural Heritage Tourism in Bang Khen District were 26 factors; Attraction, Activity, Announcement, Benefit, Back Drop, Belief, Collaboration, Carrying Capacity, Conservation, Cooperation, Environment Management, FAM trips, Identity, Integration, Leadership, Network, Participation, Planning, Spiritual Tourism, Sustainable, Strategic Management, Story Telling, Tourist Behavior, Tourism Information, Tourism Product, and 26) Value. 2) A tourism management guidelines in intangible cultural heritage of Bang Khen District, Bangkok, Thailand, consists of 5 components (5M), Man, Management, Materials, Model, and, Measurement.


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