• Umaporn Yuvajita -
  • Kasidit Watcharaphan


Project-Based Learning, Parts of Speech, 21st Century


          This research aimed to foster student teachers’ knowledge transfer skills in describing parts of speech: nouns, verbs and adjectives in English sentence structure by using project-based approach and to find out students’ satisfaction towards learning management. The samples were 23 first-year student teachers majoring in English in section 1, College of Teachers, Phranakhon Rajabhat University who took Forms and Usage of Modern English course in the first semester of the academic year 2019. All of them were selected by purposive sampling and voluntarily participated in the research project. The research tools were lesson plans using project-based approach, knowledge transfer skill assessment form, self-assessment form on project-based learning management, and questionnaire to find out students’ satisfaction towards teaching management to improve knowledge transfer skills. The statistics used for data analysis were average and standard deviation. The findings revealed that students’ knowledge transfer skills were improved, and they could build body of knowledge from the integration of English and linguistics in order to explain parts of speech appeared in English sentence structure until they were able to successfully create pieces of work derived from the gained knowledge. The research results were found as the following: 1) The average score before the treatment was at 2.86 (S.D = 0.55) which was at the moderate level while the average score after the treatment was at 3.58 (S.D = 3.58) which was at a high level. And 2) the level of students’ satisfaction towards project-based learning management was at a high level with the average of 3.86 (S.D. 0.59).


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