A study on guidelines of administration by good governance in Thachai Sub-district administrative Organization of Muang District Chai Nat Province


  • Vutthiwat Ananphutthimet


Guidelines, Administration Approach, Good Governance, Sub-District Administrative Organization


The objectives of this research were to study administration by good governance, to compare administration by good governance in Thachai Sub-District Administrative Organization of Chai Nat Province and to seek the way enhaning the guidelines on administration by good governance of Thachai Sub- District Administrative Organization. The purposive samples were 129 persons from officers and personnels for 58 persons, Employees and volunteers for 36 persons and communities leaders for 35 persons. There are questionnaires related to guidelines of administration by good governance in Thachai Sub-district administrative Organization of Muang District Chai Nat Province. Using statistics in the research will be finding of the percentage, the frequency, the average, Standard Deviation, F-test (One Way ANOVA). The research result is found that; 1) Administration by good governance for overall was in high level. 2) Comparison on administration by category on different status and different experience on working for overall and each aspects was not different. 3) The guidelines on administration should be on giving opportunity for people on together expression for spacious concepts, on issue of sub-district regulation, on trustful and honest operation and on people’s services for public advantage protection, on estimational system improvement for personnels, on announcement for interesting people in advance for observation on council meeting, on performance of practical step for services receivers. The providing of matereals should be on opened announcement. Groups or community organizations should be on promotion for organizing. The estimation on satisfaction towards ever years services should be on spreading. The service on taxation should be on clear agenda for practice and public utilities should be on improvement.


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