The Integration Teaching Method of Phra Brahmapundit (Prayoon Dhammacittô) and Bloom’s learning behavior


  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Niwes Wongsuwan -


Integration, Teaching Meghod, Pra Brahmapundit (Prayoon Dhammacitto), Bloom


       The research “The Integration Teaching Method of Phra Brahmapundit (Prayoon Dhammacittô) and Bloom’s learning behavior” was a Documentary Research. The objectives were 1) To study teaching Method of Phra Brahmapundit (Prayoon Dhammacittô) 2) To study Bloom’s learning behavior. 3) To Integrate teaching method of Phra Brahmapundit (Prayoon Dhammacittô) and Bloom’s learning behavior. There were according to Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Live Together and Learning to be for perfectly human development as set.

       The result found that: Teaching Method of Phra Brahmapundit (Prayoon Dhammacittô) found that patter 1) for Dhamma talking or conversation consist of data for listening and analyzing data for thinking that mean Yonisomanasikarn. Patter 2) for description by sprint knowledge off from information by one-self. Patter 3) for problem by look for the truth all around. Patter 4) for rule by using wisdom mean one-self man work academic. There were mean knowing and how wide until cover outside by setting rule for one-self.  

       Bloom’s behavior method found that patter 1) motivation activate and inviting for those who be inquisitive. Patter 2) Telling the objective for learners according to chapter. Patter 3) Revising original knowledge then motivate learners selecting new matter by quickly. Patter 4) to present new matter by considering for child-center. Patter 5) for guideline learning for learners until they could mixt between new and old knowledge. Patter 6) to motivate learning feedback by cooperation. Patter 7) to feedback the interesting as concern with others chapters to be evaluate. Patter 8) for action evaluate by new testing. Patter 9) for conclusion and take for an important using as finally accordance with mind-mapping concept.


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