Responsibilities of authors
Authors must:
1. Certify that their submitted manuscript is original with proper citation to avoid plagiarism.
2. Certify that their submitted manuscript has not been previously published in any form, nor is it is under review for publication in any other journals within 90 days from the date when the Editorial Board has received this manuscript.
3. Certify that their submitted manuscript is written exclusively by the author or along with the co-author(s) as submitted and the listing of authors should be jointly determined and accurately reflect who carried out the research and wrote the article.
4. Present only true fact.
5. Submit the manuscript in accordance with the prescribed format.
6. Ensure that the manuscript does not contain any libelous matter or infringe any copyright or other intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third party.
7. Declare the source of funding or support in the completion of the manuscript.
8. Declare any potential conflicts of interest, if any.
9. Inform the Editor-in-Chief or publisher of any significant error in their published manuscript.

Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief
The Editor-in-Chief must:
1. Ensure that the published manuscripts are in line with the aim and scope of Chulalongkorn Law Journal.
2. Ensure the quality of the published manuscripts with willingness to publish corrections and clarifications when required.
3. Ensure that no published manuscripts infringe copyrights and measures against plagiarism be taken seriously.
4. Not publish manuscripts that have already been published elsewhere.
5. Act in a fair, balanced manner when carrying out his/her duties, without discrimination based on institutional affiliation, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious, political beliefs and other comparable grounds.
6. Ensure no conflicts of interests, if any.
7. Provide guidelines for authors regarding the submission of manuscripts.
8. Keep authors informed of the consideration progress.
9. Maintain confidentiality regarding the identify of both authors and reviewers throughout the entire double-blinded consideration period.
10. Provide reviewers with revision guidelines.
11. Make decisions based on quality and suitability for Chulalongkorn Law Journal without any external interference.
12. Publish the description of peer review process and be able to justify any significant deviation from the described process.

Responsibilities of reviewers
Reviewers must:
1. Undertake to improve the quality of the manuscript under review with care consideration, objectivity, and in a timely manner.
2. Avoid using improper, inappropriate or disrespectful language for providing review feedback.
3. Declare any potential conflicts of interest, if any, and refuse to review any manuscripts if there are grounds for conflicts of interest.
4. Respect the confidentiality of any information or material contained in the manuscript during the review process.
5. Inform the Editor-in-Chief of any suspected plagiarism.