Aim and Scope

“Chulalongkorn Law Journal” is an academic journal of Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University which publishes scholarly works within the scope of or relating to law. The aim is to disseminate academic articles and research articles that fall within the scope of the journal whose contents are, in the view of the editorial board, interesting, timely, creative, as well as containing recommendations which are useful for legal academia and the general public.

Publication Frequency

Chulalongkorn Law Journal is published every four months as follows:

- Issue 1 March

- Issue 2 July

- Issue 3 November

Categories of Accepted Manuscripts

Chulalongkorn Law Journal welcomes submissions of manuscripts, which fall within the following categories:

  • Academic articles must illustrate new information in the scope of or relating to law and provide analysis or critique of such information from theoretical, policy-oriented or practical perspectives, as well as providing recommendations that are useful for legal academia and the general public. Academic articles should contain introduction and contents, which are divided into main issues, subordinate issues and conclusion.
  • Research articles must be based on legal research and illustrate one or more of the findings from such research in a systematic manner. Research articles should contain introduction, illustration of the importance of the issue, research objective, hypothesis (if applicable), research scope, expected contributions, related research or literatures, research methodology (such as population, sample, data collection, data analysis), research findings, conclusion and recommendations.

Any opinions presented in Chulalongkorn Law Journal solely belongs to and is under the responsibility of the respective authors, with which Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University, Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board do not have to agree.


Chulalongkorn Law Journal welcomes submissions of manuscripts in Thai and/or English language.

Peer Review

Each academic and research articles shall be peer reviewed using the double-blinded process by at least three qualified individuals, whom the Editorial Board carefully select owing to their expertise corresponded with the substance presented in the articles.

Methods of Publication

Chulalongkorn law journal is published in both printed and online versions.

Source of Support

Chulalongkorn Law Journal is supported by Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University.