Legal Measures for Prevention and Suppression Transnational Environmental Crime : Case Study of Smuggling of Ozone Depleting Substances

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Chayanis Subma


This article aims to consider legal measures to prevent and suppress transnational crime on the environment. In the case of smuggling, ozone depletion is a violation of the Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depletion 1987, which obliges parties to regulate their use. Import and export of such substances. However, due to such obligations, the industry needs to use those substances. It has been illegal to trade a lot of these substances. In addition, when the smuggling of ozone smuggling of ozone depletion is characterized by transnational crime that Involved in several states from country of origin, transit and destination countries. Thailand is also involved as a destination country for smuggling of ozone depleting substances. In addition, Thailand has become a party and ratified the Montreal Protocol and has obligations to regulate the use, import and export of such substances. This article discusses the relevant legislation to analyze and suggest that there should be a way to solve the problem in any direction.

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