Legal Framework for Emissions Trading Schemes: Possible Lessons from New Zealand’s Experience

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Peerapon Jaderojananont


Climate change is one of the most existing environmental problems many countries have been recognizing and making international cooperation among them because it is not adversely affecting just only any country, but its negative effects are on the environment as a whole. For many decades, such international cooperation has been significantly established and reflected by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), its relevant protocols, and agreements. One of key mechanisms applied to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions as a main cause of climate change is the Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS). This research clearly finds that the ETS is widely applied in New Zealand because New Zealand obviously launched its national policy and plan, also enacted legislations and other concrete measures in order to fight against the climate change and fulfil its obligations under the UNFCCC and international agreements. As its unique and outstanding characteristic, the New Zealand’s ETS would be very interesting to be studied as a possible lesson for developing and designing the Thailand’s legal framework relating to the ETS in the future.


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