Airbnb: Room sharing laws in Thailand

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Pongsit Aroonratanakul
Viman Kritpolviman
Chittasuphang Tontipiromya
Thanadchapon Kungsung


Airbnb is a digital business and a sharing economy with a booking platform that allows people to stay in millions of accommodations around the world. This 10-year old fledgling business not only added stay options to satisfied guests, but also lets room owners rent out their space to generate income. Many Airbnb listers became successful listing their places on the platform compared to more traditional ways of renting out their properties. Many issues followed, one of which is a claim that Airbnb is illegal in many countries. A large number of countries issued laws or are in the process of enacting laws to supervise Airbnb business. Meanwhile, many countries still do not have ideas to enact laws to supervise this business. Thailand is one of the countries with no such laws. Therefore, this article will address issues and Thai laws applicable to Airbnb as well as foreign laws supervising Airbnb.

After the study, the authors suggest that Thailand should have a law that directly applies to Airbnb. Related agencies such as the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Ministry of Interior by the Department of Local Administration should be responsible for supervising the business. The law should include definitions of accommodations which are subject to the law. In addition, the law should stipulate measures on environmental problems, conversation of ancient sites and ancient objects, safety measures, and a limitation of stays. In case of condominiums, resolutions and policies of each place should be respected. Local and government taxes should be paid accordingly.

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