The Consideration of the Efficiencies Arising from Mergers under the Competition Law

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Peerapong Jongpaisalsakul


The efficiencies arising from the mergers are one of the critical issues that will make enforcement competition laws meet their objectives because the efficiency resulting from mergers may cause good results to the economy. It has been used as part of considering business mergers according to the competition laws of different countries. Each country's competitive law regulatory authorities set clear criteria for determining efficiencies to consider the mergers specific and in line with the spirit of the competition laws. At the same time, the Trade Competition Act B.E.2560 (2017) has also been set to consider the mergers in Thailand. The Trade Competition Commission must also consider the efficiencies arising from mergers, but there has no criteria and details that have been set in considering such factors, in particular. Therefore, the consideration of the efficiencies will be taken only at the Trade Competition Commission's discretion. Accordingly, to consider the efficiencies resulting from the mergers properly and always in line with the competition law's spirit, the Trade Competition Commission should evidently determine the rules and details of such factors.

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