Legal Problem on Registration of Space Objects in Case of the In-Orbit Satellite Transfer

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Tosita Phuechpakwarn


The state is not the only the sector carrying out the space activities, but also the
private sector and the international organizations which can also carry out the space activities
as the provision of the Outer Space Treaty in 1967 has ensured the space activities operated
by the private sector and international organizations. Due to the capability of the operators
who perform the space activities and the rapid development of technology making make the
high demand of using the space activity services, especially satellites, plus make the
operation of the space activities more commercial and complex regarding to the trading or
the renting satellites while operating in the orbit. Although, there are such transfers of
satellites whether by purchasing or by leasing between the states or the state and the private
sector of the other state or the international organization but there is no specific law
respecting the foresaid transactions. From the arisen case, it can be assumed that there are
several loopholes in the international law principles. Nevertheless, in this article the author
only addresses the problems of the legal principle on the registration of space objects.
In addition, the author will recommend the solutions concerning the legal problems in both
the international level and the state level.

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