Asian Hate Crimes in the United States and Covid-19 pandemic

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Laddawan Yaimanee


Since 2020, around the world has faced a viral pandemic, the COVID-19, and it caused tremendous damage to people's lives and the economy, especially in the United States. They have gotten the number one death record. Because of the outbreak, hate crime against Chinese or Asians in the United States has raised 145 percent as they were viewed as the source of the virus. This has led to various types of harm such as physical harms and verbal abuses. Even in the United States, hate crime laws have enforced both the national and state level, it still has not been enough to deal with hate crime during the pandemic. Therefore, the Congress has passed the COVID-19 Hate Crime Act to specifically address hate crimes during the COVID-19pandemic. The aforementioned law gives government agencies the power to collect information, to educate and to organize a program to change the behavior of offenders


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