Urgently Considerations that the Government Should Take into Account in Thai Maritime Labour Law

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Phasan Thamparj


Seafarers are operators who become a key force in keeping the maritime business moving efficiently. It is also the main mechanism for Thailand's maritime business to resist and to compete with the international community in a sustainable way. However, working at sea is definitely hazardous and risky especially when facing with high waves, strong wind conditions with unforeseen natural disasters. It is necessary for the States to enact legislation providing specific protection for seafarers in order to implement the International Maritime Labour Convention 2006 before expediting ratification of such international convention. Thus, when the Maritime Labour Act B.E. 2558 came into force, Thai seafarers were consequently affected in many practical aspects, especially the fact that seafarers were excluded from the social security system and the government's compensation fund, despite previously received by the Labor Protection Law. The facts in this study reveal that the content of some provisions on the protection of seafarers is unclear and may not be consistent with the said convention. So, this research study aims to present problems and urgent improvements to Thai maritime labour laws. In order to promote seafarers to receive fair protection on their benefits and to access to the state welfare in an equal manner to those of general workers ashore, the standards of seafarers’ protection are to be enhanced in order to promote the profession of seafarers to be decent work in line with the purpose of the aforementioned international convention.


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