The Reform of Filing Storage System and Classification of Important Financial Crimes on the Development of Justice Process in Thailand

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Supatra Phanwichit
Wanwipa Muangtham


The filing storage and classification of financial crimes is crucial for linking database on criminals, using statistical analysis on the trend of financial crimes, decide criminal policy on prevention and suppression of crime. However, at the present day, there are some problems in Thailand related to classification and filing storage which has not definition and form of storage in the same standard. The author proposes guideline for reform of filing storage system and classification of financial crimes by comparing with International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes and setting the draft Notifications on the Ministry of Digital Government Development Committee which called the filing storage system and classification of financial crime for the purpose of justice administration and making criminal policy by the virtue of Digitalization of public administration and services delivery Act B.E. 2562 (2019). This resulted in determining the form of filing storage system and classification of financial crimes to comply with international standard. This included authorization the role for the authority for filing storage, exchange, data security and propose guidelines for preparation of public sector stand ready to support filing storage system. 

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