Legal measures for protection of postpartum employee : A case study of postpartum depression

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Chutima Suttiprapa


The period from pregnancy to childbirth is the huge transitional period, especially during postnatal period employees who having mother role have to face the changes in their physical conditions, social pressure, the close people and many responsibilities at work which lead to psychological and emotional impact of maternal employees. Most problem is postpartum depression. The study found that the Labor Protection Act of Thailand still has a loophole. Firstly, the maternity leave is too strict. Secondly, the compensation during maternity leave is provided by limit of period of payout. And the lastly, the breastfeeding period during the day, which has never seen before as a legal provision. According to problem findings and comparative the study with comparing with international law and the relevant law in Slovakia, Germany and United States of California. Therefore, this study proposes guidelines for improvement and amendment law, the Labor Protection Act of Thailand, to provide the rights and protection for maternal employees comprehensive and clearer.


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