Legal Measures to Solve the Problem of Puppy Mills

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Phongsak Jephong
Pajon Kongmuang


Puppy mill is a place where the breeding dogs are forced to reproduce repeatedly until their bodies can no longer be bred. Every year, millions of puppies around the world are born at mills. Many of them are sold with health issues due to the breeding that fails to meet the standard of animal welfare. This has become an important global issue.  The United States of America is one of the first countries that emphasizes the problem of puppy mills by providing the specific legal measures to control the commercial dog breeding facility and rather heavy punishment for violators. For Thailand, there are many small and large facilities, but some facilities fail to provide the adequate animal welfare for their dogs. Thailand has attempted to develop the specific laws and regulations for dog protection and welfare in kennels. It is shown that the puppy mills in Thailand is the serious issue to solve immediately.


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