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Management, Academic Position, Phranakhon Rajabhat University


The purposes of this research were to study 1) factors concerning on academic promotion management of lecturers in Phranakhon Rajabhat University (PNRU) and Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University (VARU), 2) effectiveness of academic promotion management, and 3) suitable model of academic promotion management in Phranakhorn Rajabhat University.  The instrument of qualitative research was in-depth interview with 30 key informants in PNRU and VARU who were academic promotion responsibility; vice-president, internal and external evaluators, external experts, lectures who submitted their academic papers, and academic staffs. Content analysis was used for collecting data and validity was assured by using triangulation method.
The findings revealed that 1) factors concerning on the academic promotion management consisted of 5 aspects including; (1) academic work procedures, (2) attitude towards academic work, (3) facilitating environment, (4) motivation, and (5) participation in academic work procedures. 2) effectiveness of the academic promotion management consisted of  5 aspects; (1) academic work procedures should be clear and concise, (2) attitude toward academic work should motivate lectures to develop the academic work by creating new knowledge, (3) suitable environment should have suitable workplace and up-to-date the provided database,  (4) motivation for the sense of pride, honor and career paths should be supported, and (5) participation in academic work procedures should encourage lectures develop their academic work to meet the criteria, process, quality, and technique effectively. 3) suitable model of the academic promotion management in Phranakhorn Rajabhat University consisted of 5 steps including; (1) clear and concise procedures, (2) enhance positive attitude toward academic work, (3) provide suitable workplace, (4) motivate with the sense of pride, and  (5) encourage participation for creating academic work with new knowledge.


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