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development of training curricula, enhancement of competencies, real estate


The objectives of this research were (1) to study the sales performance of the sales staff in the real estate business, (2) to develop the training curriculum to develop the sales force of the sales staff. In the real estate business, and (3) to evaluate training program to improve sale performances. The research employed quasi experimental with 3 stages. Stage 1: Evaluate sales performance in real estate. By using Delphi research techniques, 18 experts were those who work as a head of marketing or sales in real estate in the position of manager or director. The research instruments were structured interview questionnaire and content analysis. Stage 2: Create training packages to develop sales competencies in real estate, the training outline were evaluated the consistency by 5 experts. Evaluation form and the conformity assessment form were used as research tools. Stage 3: Evaluate Sales Training Package in Real Estate Business the trial was conducted with a representative of 30 real estate sales representatives who were selected by purposive random sampling. The experiment was one group pre-test & post-test design and paired sample t-test was used to test the difference between pre-treatment and post-test was conducted after 12 weeks. The experiment duration of training package was 2 days (12 hours). The performance questionnaire and satisfaction measurement form were used as research instruments.
 The results of the study revealed that: 1. Competencies of sales staff in real estate include: 1) communication and human relations skills; 2) team performance; 3) risk management competency; 4) sales skills; 5) leadership competencies; 6) Customer Satisfaction Management. 2. Training kit outline problems and needs in training principles of training, Purpose, Content Structure, 6 Units of Learning, Learning Activities How to measure and evaluate the qualitative examination of the outline by 5 experts was highly appropriate. And consistent in every element. 3. The sales representatives in the real estate business were 12 weeks after the training. risk Sales Skills Team performance Communication and human relations skills Leadership Transformation Performance and Customer Satisfaction Management


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