Follow-up of the application of knowledge to teachers through the workshop Of the Environmental Education Center


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follow-up, Applying knowledge, Training participants


                 The purpose of this research were: follow up the application of the knowledge gained from the workshop of the Environmental Education Center to apply in the operation The tool used is a questionnaire. Information provider is Those who passed the workshop of the Environmental Education Center in the amount of 85 people information By analyzing descriptive content Statistics used are frequency, percentage,

                 The results of the research were as follows: 1) The things learned from the training were the guidelines for organizing activities that promote thinking processes. 78.80 percent. 2) Have used the learning and practice from training for some time. 88.20% 3) The use of environmental education processes received from training to use in teaching and learning Students are more interested. Accounted for 89.40 percent. 4) The training process of the environmental education center Can help to develop a lot of teaching and learning styles 70.60% 5) Experienced from the training that has led to the development of environmental teaching materials by themselves. 61.18 percent. 6) Should not improve training activities. 57.60% 7) Using activities without problems 65.90% 8) Activities that the environmental education center is aligned with the needs 77.60% 9) Have adopted the methods received from the training to disseminate to colleagues. 63.50 percent. 10) The knowledge gained from training does not lead to the development of teaching equipment, the environment or other subjects. 50.60% 11) The equipment that has been developed from training is teaching materials from the surrounding materials. Practice activities organized in the area around the school. Toys from paper that mimic the rubber balls. English matching games, etc. 12) You want the Environmental Education Center. Organize training on the topic Making artifacts from the material near the No. 1 13) requires the Environmental Education Center Help in 1) Training, which is a simple piece of work in teaching and learning. And creating simple teaching materials From materials near the frequency 28 2) counseling, including making games and teaching media, frequency 16 3) teaching media, including the environment with STEM, frequency 21 4) the suggestions include Saturday holiday training - Sun Frequency 35.


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