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management, Efficiency, Functional improvements


The objectives of this research were to 1) solve the problem of grade submission system of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 2) to improve the grade filing process and 3) to create the manual on grade filing of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences by adopting mixed methods. The interview was used for data collection. The informants were an officer of the registration and evaluation section, and 5 staff officers in charge of academic affairs. Focus group was also conducted to gather opinions of the person involved in grade submission. Collecting data by brainstorming and analyzing content information from both executives and stakeholders. The researcher took the issues in descending order to calculate the cumulative frequency.

The most important problem was selected by using Pareto chart. It was found that the lost document should be solved first. The problem was analyzed from the cause by using fishbone diagram presenting 4 causes including the officer’s forgetfulness, lack of competence in classifying subjects into subject field, wrong classification, wrong coding caused by no search tool. There were 2 possible solutions including 1) document verification by classifying the grade result into subject field 2. coding the grading file at the top right corner according to the specified code before making 7 strategic plans to protect the file from loss such as 1) document verification by classifying the grade result into subject field 2) coding the grading file at the top right corner according to the specified code 3) verification of the grading document and all of the signatures 4) save the grading file into Excel program according to the given form 5) submission of the grading document to the registration and evaluation department with the document signed for the evidence of document receiving 6) filing the document according to the code by arranging the subject code and noting date and time of the submitted documents and 7) keeping the file in the shelf arranged by the code. The operational results were found as follow 1) The researcher gained knowledge from job improvement and the job was more efficient with better planning. 2) The researcher could adopt the knowledge into real practice and improve the operational system frequently. 3) 7 QC tools were used to develop the duties correctly and 4) Lecturers and students had more confidence. To make the service receivers more impressed and satisfied, the suggestions gained from this research were to study the best practice of the operational system, to use big data for keeping the grading file, and to study how to use the package program and barcoding for managing the grading submission system in order to make process shorter and more accurate.


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