• Chulakorn Poochongkeaw คณะบริหารธุรกิจ มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏพระนคร
  • Supaporn Plomelersee
  • Kreankrai Photimanee


Management model, Role of the nurse trainers, Vibhavadi Hospital


This research consisted of the following objectives: 1) to study the nurse trainer role at Vibhavadi Hospital, 2) to compare the personal factors affecting job performance and the nurse trainers’ role, and 3) to develop a nursing management model for nurse trainers of Vibhavadi Hospital. The study utilized a mixed method through the use of questionnaires on 270 registered nurses working at Vibhavadi Hospital, and group discussions with 8 registered nurses who have attended training on potential development courses for nurse trainers of Vibhavadi Hospital. The results of the analysis were used to create a nurse trainer role model of Vibhavadi Hospital, and allowed the nursing administrators of Vibhavadi Hospital to assess the nurse trainers’ role management model of Vibhavadi Hospital. The results of the study can be summarized as follows: 1) most of the nurse trainer were female, aged between 26-30 years old, having worked for more than 5 years, having trainers for a period of 4 months - 1 year, and having worked in the role of a nurse trainer for a period of 4 months - 1 year. The respondents viewed that the overall level of practice of the nursing practice and midwifery standards (Standard of Nursing and Midwifery Service Organization) of Vibhavadi Hospital was found at a high level (x ̅ = 4.30, SD = 0.60) and the overall level of performance of the nurse mentor roles in 6 aspects was also found at a high level (µ= 4.19, S.D=0.52). 2) Nurse trainers at Vibhavadi Hospital with different age and work duration worked in different nurse trainer roles, and 3) The nurse trainers’ role management model of Vibhavadi Hospital could be classified into 7 stages, as follows; (1) the nursing departmental head would conduct a recruitment of nursing staff for consideration to be trained as nurse trainers based on their qualifications, (2) conduct training for nurse trainers, (3) implementation, (4) monitoring conducted by the nurse trainer committee, (5) organizing relationship activities for exchanging views, (6) remunerations, and (7) review and provide additional knowledge for nurses..


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