• Wanphen Kuensman มหาวิทยาลัยสวนดุสิต
  • Wipada Mukda


Marketing mix, foreign travel agencies, Thai tourists


The objective of this academic article was to study the marketing mix of using foreign tour companies for Thai tourists. It was found that regarding the service product, the tour packages should be suitably organized in terms of duration and the tour program document should provide clear details. Cleanness, modernity, and safety should be considered for arranging the accommodation. For the price, it should be suitable for the tour package, convenient for payment, cheaper price compared to other tour agencies. Regarding the distribution channels, the communication should be easily accessible with various channels such as internet, phone call, Line, and website. For the marketing promotion, special price should be promoted, advertisement should be done via internet, souvenirs like bags should be provided for tourists. For the physical aspects, a document certifying the legitimate opening of a tour company should be displayed and various tour packages should be offered. Regarding the service process, the service should be fast and accurate, able to comply with the agreements made with customers and able to adjust services to meet customer needs. For the personnel, the staffs should be willing to provide services with service knowledge and quick problem solving. 


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