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Complaints, Management, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration


Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is a special local government in which the governor is a leader of administration and urban development. This special local government pays attention to complaint management consisting of two systems. The first one is a complaint center under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration itself and the second one is Traffy Fondue. The two systems have totally different operational principles which may cause problems in complaint management in the future. Consequently, the complaint management of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration must be adjusted, developed, and enhanced its capacity. Moreover, the internal administration system of the complaint center was reengineered to increase its efficiency and capacity. Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) between government sector and state enterprises concerning complaint management to sort out problem to increase efficiency was signed. Trainings were provided to increase knowledge of the involved staff, complaint channels were more publicized to the public, and complaint management through Traffy Fondue platform was canceled when the complaint system of its own had been developed in order to uplift the complaint management which directly meets the needs of people, along with solving the complained problems with efficiency


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