Focus and Scope

Academic articles Length should not exceed 5 A4 pages are articles collected or compiled from the book, experience or translation to spread knowledge in various fields. Or comment suggestions which are useful for academic. Academic articles should include the title, author's name, email address, workplace, subject, body, summary, acknowledgment (if any), bibliography, annex (if applicable).
* Introduction to the history or origin of the problem. The purpose of the experiment and may include document review.
* Materials and Methods (Materials and Methods)
* Results
* Critique / Results Discussion Discussions may be written with experimental results.
If the article is a foreign language, there must be an abstract in Thai.


Peer Review Process

Articles must be evaluated by a qualified person in the subject area. Research papers and research papers are available both internally and externally, and are evaluated by two editors, who may be more appropriately updated by the editorial staff and may have the right to print.
Criteria for considering an article are as follows: Academic value, integrity of content, and structure using the clarity of assumptions/objectives. Clarity of presentation and organize articles. Academic accuracy, discussion, results, and references are based on academic principles



1. Academic articles about science, technology, health science, law, education, art, science, service, innovation and so on.
2. Special articles
3. Research report
4. Review article or compiled from documents or books to publish and revive academic work.
5. Miscellany is a comment article or useful suggestions in academic, academic or interesting.


Publication Frequency

Journal of Asian College of Journalism There are 4 issues per year.

1. January - March

2. April - June

3. July - September

4. October - December


Sources of Support

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