Developing Databases for Thai Film Industry: Analysis and Recommendations in Line with Creative Industry Concepts

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Alongkorn Parivudhiphongs
Kamjohn Louiyapong


The film industry is one of the promotional branches within a creative industry framework. It is considered both a creative socio-cultural media and products of economic value. However, the lack of information and a well-organized and accessible database may hinder decision-making process and delay the economic expansion of the Thai film creative industry. This qualitative research aims to identify problems related to databases and propose guidelines for the design and development of Thailand's film industry database system. The content analysis of the document research, in-depth interviews, and a group discussion with 15 Thai film industry experts in total yields that the Thai film industry still faces three major problems, including a lack of complete information and diversity of datasets, unsystematic data collection without constant update of information, and the lack of a central authority responsible for database management. Therefore, it proposes a guideline for the development of reliable and essential Thai film database in 5 areas, namely, a database of revenues and marketing, of moviegoers’ behaviors and tastes, of Thai movies and profiles, of creative workers and companies in the film industry, of source of funding, and of suitable shooting locations in Thailand. Having an efficient, complete and up-to-date database will benefit the development of the Thai movie industry in many dimensions -- both in terms of personnel development of creative labors within the film industry, well-informed decision-making for potential investment, and assistance and support to the film industry in accordance with the creative economy concept.

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