Research on the education development of international students in China under the “One Belt and One Road” strategy

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The development of the "one belt and one way" development strategy not only provides important feasible ideas for China's foreign trade and economic development, but also creates high-quality conditions for the diplomatic development of China's education, and really caters to the development ideas and ideas of the great power diplomacy. Under the strategy of "one belt and one road", we should strengthen the education and development management of international students in China, balance the academic education system, improve the quality of education, and properly control the quality of students, so that we can achieve the true "one belt and one way" strategic objective and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of China's opening up to the outside world. This article focuses on the educational development of the international students in China under the "one belt and one way" strategy, and provides the necessary train of thought and conditions for improving the educational development environment in China.


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