Publication Ethics

Academic Ethics

Ethical Guidelines for Journal Publication

The RMUTT Global Business Accounting and Finance Review (GBAFR) is a peer-reviewed journal, which plays a key role to develop a global network of academic knowledge, which focuses on business accounting and finance areas. Thus, anyone dealing with the publishing process of this journal is expected to perform base on the highest level of professional ethics. To ensure that the publication system works conveniently, the publisher conducts ethical guidelines to assist the editors, authors and reviewers in performing their ethical duties.

Ethical duties for editors:

  • Should acknowledge the receipt of submitted manuscripts within three working days of receipt
  • Should perform the process efficiently, confidentially and fairly
  • Should reject to deal with processing manuscripts because of having good relationship with or has any conflict of interest with any of the authors.
  • Should make final decision on whether to accept or reject a manuscript based on the significance, originality and clarity of the manuscript rely on the journal objective
  • Should not effort to force the authors to cite his or her academic papers as a condition for publishing the authors’ manuscripts
  • Should not summit own or any part of manuscript for publishing

Ethical duties for authors:

  • Able to guarantee that summited manuscript is original work (no plagiarism); if not, appropriate citations are required
  • Should not submit any published papers and/or the manuscripts which provide the same subject matter to multiple journals
  • Should ensure that all co-authors have agreed on final version of the summited paper
  • Should present a precise aspects of research in brief including a partial description of its significance
  • Should honestly collect research data and be able to display the raw data whenever having requirement
  • Should indicate all references and also declare any conflict(s) of interest.
  • Should promptly inform the editor of any error(s) in published paper and cooperate with the editor for correction

Ethical duties for reviewers:

  • Should refuse involving with the process of reviewing if not available and/or feels uncomfortable to review the assigned manuscript due to having good relationship with or having conflicts of interest with authors or co-authors of that manuscript
  • Should perform the peer-review job objectively, efficiently, confidentially and fairly
  • Should not use own research or any part of research to publish paper
  • Should immediately notify the editor about any similarities between the manuscript and another papers in another journal