Publication Policy

The editorial team of Journal of Languages and Educational Studies (JLES) has the policy and criteria to consider articles that have never been submitted to any other journal or proceeding before. The Office of International Affairs and ASEAN Network reserve the right to publish articles in the journal under the Copyright Act, B.E. 2537.

Scope of Publication : 

  • English and linguistics
  • English language studies
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Asian language studies
  • English language teaching
  • Asian language teaching
  • Management, innovation and technology for learning and teaching
  • Other interdisciplinary research articles related to language and education

Peer Review Process

  1. An author who submits a research article and/or academic article must not have previously published in any journal or be under consideration by other journals.
  2. Every article must be reviewed by at least three double-blind review experts. 
  3. An article must not infringe on the copyright of others.
  4. An author must provide manuscripts in a strictly defined format.
  5. The editorial team reserves the right to edit the original article for accuracy and/or as it deems appropriate and, in some cases, may return the original or revised version to the author for improvement according to the expert's opinion.
  6. Article citations and references must follow the 7th edition of the APA (American Psychological Association) citation style.

Types of Accepted Articles

  • Research article
  • Academic article

Language of an Article 

  • English (Main language of an article)
  • Other languages (Used for writing an abstract together with English)

Publication Frequency

The Journal is bi-annually published:

  • Issue 1: January - June
  • Issue 2: July - December

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Office of International Affairs and ASEAN Network, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University