Web 4.0 marketing


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Web 4.0 marketing


          This book was first copyrighted in 2015. The edition currently reviewed was copyrighted in 2017; and it was not identified what edition is is. However, the content of this book is still applicable to online marketing operation in these days. This book can be considered as a contemporary book.

          Many people dream to become successful entrepreneurs. Some of them aim at having an empire of sustainable online business. It is a challenge to be rich without having to work hard. However, only few people can make their dream come true. Those who want to be successful have to learn from people who have succeeded as well as from people who have failed to see how the two groups are different. To establish a sustainable business requires great efforts in career and personal lives.

          Major problems are 1) time and 2) information required for making decisions. To be successful, one needs time and information in various aspects. The more developed the technology is, the more time one needs to be successful, because more information is available for decision making. What used to be simple has become more complicated, because social media space is more ample. Social media functions have been changed and expanded. Consequently, those who want to be successful in doing online business must be truly knowledgeable in digital technology and technology savvy to cope with the complexity of digital technology.

          Besides being knowledgeable in digital technology and technology savvy, one has to be keen in marketing to be ahead of a great number of competitors. It is fortunate that a demand of online commerce is increasing tremendously, therefore, entrepreneurs have opportunities to provide supplies for a continuous growing number of digital consumers. However, successful entrepreneurs must own certain relevant points of difference to beat competitors.

          Though online business has become more complicated, it does not mean that there are no principles of how to do this kind of business. The author of this book gives readers simple and applicable principles. Two major concepts are “value” and “trust”. He concludes that “to be successful in doing online business, entrepreneurs must pay attention to value and trust creation. This book contains lessons from a person who has been successful in doing online business. His contents are simple stories for doing complicated businesses.

          He emphasizes repeatedly that to be successful, entrepreneurs must be committed to devoting their time and be patient, as a success takes time to happen.


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st Edition (June 20, 2015)