Problems in Practical Application of Community Hospital Master Plan

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Prapassara Naka Phanumphai
Tanasi Samphantharak Petyim
Atinan Sinsilaket


The study on problems in practical application of community hospital master plan aims to investigate the design and implementation of community hospital master plan by comparing the difference between master plan and site plan of community hospitals selected for a case study. This study also extends to cover other significant issues associating with practical application of community hospital master plan. Data was collected by surveying, observing and interviewing with various parties in connection with those 4 selected hospitals, namely, Khao Yoi Hospital, Khaen Dong Hospital, Phra Thong Kham Community Hospital Commemorating His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary and Kranuan Crown Prince Hospital. Findings from the study suggested that the problems of practical application of community hospital master plan rooted from: 1) the policy adopted by the Ministry of Public Health has not been supportive of the development of community hospital along with the hospital’s master plan and development plan drawn by the Design and Construction Division 2) The hospital personnel are still lack of understanding and knowledge concerning the significance and function of hospital master plan. Findings from this study can be applied for stake holders and policy makers who involve in the productions and the implementations of hospital master plans. Also, the knowledge gained from the research can be contributed to the accumulation of knowledge in the field relating to hospital design and planning.


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Naka Phanumphai, P., Samphantharak Petyim, T., & Sinsilaket, A. (2020). Problems in Practical Application of Community Hospital Master Plan. Landscape Architecture Journal, 2(1), 57–69. Retrieved from


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