Physical Master Plan of Northeast Thailand and Lower Kong Basin Art and Culture Park

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Warong Naivinit
Parkpoom Subnukarn
Rugkeart Sanprasert
Tweesak Viyachai
Korakit Lawsakool
Natcha Augsornsri


Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) has a total area of approximately 5,228 rai. Due to a mandatory mission to preserve art and culture under the Ubon Ratchathani University Act, UBU has planned to develop an area near the largest reservoir in the campus to be the Northeast and Lower Kong Basin Art and Culture Park. Lack of its physical master plan for the park become a problematic issue to carry out the development. As a result, this design project was launched to apply the Long-Range Development Plan for building such a master plan. The proposed site has very high potential for being a park with 25 high valuable plant species and the marvel northeast Thai house. The limited infrastructure and utilities make this site unfavorable for the users. However, the prospective users agreed that this area should be collectively developed with concerned stakeholders.

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Naivinit, W., Subnukarn, P., Sanprasert, R., Viyachai, T., Lawsakool, K., & Augsornsri, N. (2020). Physical Master Plan of Northeast Thailand and Lower Kong Basin Art and Culture Park. Journal of Landscape Architecture and Planning, 2(1), 71–90. Retrieved from


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