Using the Cultural Landscape to Represent the Village Identity: A Case Study of Soni Village, Nara Prefecture, Japan

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Chompoonoot Chompoorath


This study is part of “The Artist-in-residence program” initiated by the local Soni government to encourage creators, chefs, artists, and researchers from Japan and other countries to increase the artistic activities in the village, as well as creating a network between villagers and the global community. The Artist-in-residence program was held on February 2022 and the output of this project are included ten illustrations to represent the image of Soni Village. Thus, the objective of this study is to illustrate the identity of Soni Village through artworks: firstly, study the cultural landscape of Soni by using the classification guideline. Secondly, perceive the cultural identity for illustrating the significant of Soni Village. Therefore, this study focuses on the physical components of the cultural landscape in Soni and aims to discover the significant activities which play a role in the agricultural landscape of Soni. Therefore, the most distinct image of Soni relates to the activities resulting from the association between human activities and the unique natural environment of Soni Village.

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