Master Planning and Landscape Architectural Design for Rajkarun Center Thai Red Cross Society, Khao Lan, Trat Province

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Pavinee Inchompoo
Suebsiri Srithanyarat
Ying Palopakon
Onumpai Samkhuntod


Rajkarun Center, Thai Red Cross Society, Khao Lan, Trat Province, was initially a refugee camp for Cambodian refugees. Later on, it was a recreational and historical learning site for the general public. Recently, in 2021, the Thai Red Cross Society plans to establish the 15th Red Cross Station in Rajkarun Center. Therefore, it is necessary to review and improve the master plan to achieve the goal of developing Rajkarun Center to be an area for preservation and historical learning, youth training camp, and natural learning, recreational place for the general public, and additional area for public health services. The operational process consists of studying documents for relevant information and reviewing the original master plan, interviewing stakeholders to attain the needs of the agency, conducting field surveys to study the area conditions and usage, and summarizing problems and limitations. The data analysis leads to conceptual and schematic design as well as the design and layout of the suitable master plan, which consists of land use zoning, circulation system, space system, and landscape architectural detail design in certain areas. This master plan will provide the Thai Red Cross Society with a clear physical development plan for effectively managing the area of Rajkarun Center in the future.

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Inchompoo, P., Srithanyarat, S., Palopakon, Y., & Samkhuntod, O. (2023). Master Planning and Landscape Architectural Design for Rajkarun Center Thai Red Cross Society, Khao Lan, Trat Province. Landscape Architecture Journal, 5(1), 64–84. Retrieved from


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