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                      The Creativity series of “MIND AND FORM” is the creation of printmaking works inspired from the appreciation of current literacy, the human form created by the creator originates from the creator and beloved person, and the composition that comes from plants combined with the impression of nature and the environment through the process of cognitive management, and later on was created by using the art therapy principle with the principle of Mandala and Zen tangle art creation.  The creative relief printmaking was done as a medium of expression in order to reflect the concentration, acceptance of impermanence which is a truth that all life must encounter, and the peacefulness that showed the true happiness of mankind.

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JANSOOK, P. (2022). MIND AND FORM. Journal of Suan Sunandha Arts and Culture, 2(2), 23–38. Retrieved from https://so01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/artsjournal_ssru/article/view/264171


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