Narrative of Green entrepreneur: A turning point from Monkey Club Pub to Monkey Organic Farm


  • มรกต กำแพงเพชร คณะบริหารธุรกิจ มหาวิทยาลัยหัวเฉียวเฉลิมพระเกียรติ
  • พิทักษ์ ศิริวงศ์ คณะวิทยาการจัดการ มหาวิทยาลัยศิลปากร วิทยาเขตสารสนเทศเพชรบุรี


Green Entrepreneur, Organic Farming


The objectives of this research are to study 1)the concept and inspiration of the organic farm , the turning point from Monkey Pub into Monkey organic farm 2) the problems and obstacles of green entrepreneurs. And 3) the guidelines to success in organic farming. The key informant was the business owner of Monkey Farm Chiang Mai in Thailand. Data was collected by In-depth interview, Non-participant Observation and texts,
sounds and images. The researcher deploys the method to verify the reliability of data with Triangulation and Narrative Analysis.

The result was shown that the conceptual of doing the business of green entrepreneur starts from needs a better position to provide the long term support for local population to have better job and life. The turning point of the business arises from the entrepreneur desire to be a sustainable company and would like to create a good thing and practicality to hometown and was inspired by philosophy of sufficiency economy. With the increased age of business owner in pub and restaurant, the market has reached its saturation point and ran out on challenges. The entrepreneur shifts to undertake the organic farm business produces the organic plant. The problems and obstacles of organic farm are 1.Cultivating 2.Producing 3. Competition and selling. The success of farming organicvegetables, The managing of organic farm have to divide into 5 different point 1.Soil Management 2.Water Management 3.Cultivated area management 4.Human resource management and 5.Marketing management




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