FinTech : Legal Issues, Risks, and Approaches for Development

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Nattawut Hantrakul


At present, financial technology or FinTech has been advanced tremendously with potential capability to develop financial innovations for competition in the free market.  In addition, FinTech will definitely and quickly reduce the transactional processes, which will push forward the global-level competitiveness of digital economy of Thailand.  Hence, Thailand should welcome the emergence of financial innovations by initiating flexible laws and regulations to accommodate innovative business models.  As a result, every sector can change, adjust, and overcome any obstacles, while enhancing people to get access to financial services on a stable and safe manner.  However, one of the major obstacles to efficiently implement and develop financial technology in Thailand concerns the law irrelevant to modern technology, hence inhibiting access to financial services among entrepreneurs and the general public, resulting in the increase of unnecessary economic costs.   


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