Quality Management System IATF16949 in Automotive Parts

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Sirikwan Noppakorn
Nipa Niruttikul


The globalization motivates every country to change methods and develop national strategies to strengthen the economy to be able to grow continuously. The automotive part industry is one of the target industries of the country to drive the economy for the future, which strives for sustainable competitive potentiality. Moreover, the method of quality management that is of higher quality standards has been used to emphasize on quality performance in process. Currently, the quality management system has been implemented in accordance with the International Automotive Task Force (IATF16949) as a strategy to compete in the automotive industry. The objective of this study, therefore, is to review principles of quality management system IATF16949 and review research related to the quality management to be applied as the quality system management of organization and to serve as quality tools for change sustainability of the automotive parts industry.


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