Barriers in English Communication of Tourism Business Entrepreneurs in Nong Khai Province


  • มาลีรัตน์ กะการดี
  • Angsu-orn Na Nongkhai
  • Chayachon Chuanon
  • Kittichai Nilubol
  • Wipaporn Budseetad


English for Communication, Tourism Business Entrepreneurs, The relationship factors and barriers in English communication of tourism business entrepreneurs


This research study the investigates barriers in English communication of tourism business entrepreneurs in Nong Khai Province. It also examines relationships between such barriers and possible factors related to English communication of the entrepreneurs. By adopting a mixed-method research design, 40 entrepreneurs from the tourism business sector around Nong Khai participated in the survey and interviews. Basic statistics, frequency, percentage, and chi-square were used to analyze the data. The results show that most common communication barriers reported by the entrepreneurs were related to insufficient knowledge of vocabulary, a lack of grammatical knowledge, and an inability to comprehend different English accents of foreigners. Number of years of working, education levels, nationalities of foreign customers, English listening skills, English speaking skills, adequacy of English communication skills in the workplace, duration of studying English in college and the adequacy of English language learning to work were found to have a significant correlation with the barriers in English communication of the tourism business entrepreneurs in Nong Khai Province.


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