Factors Affecting Analysis of the Relationship Efficiency of Employees in Media Production Operations.


  • Karuntee Khunsongkram Master of degree business administration Kasembundit University, Bangkok.
  • Tosaporn Mahamud Research advisor of Business administration of kasembundit University, Bangkok.


Analyze, mployee, factors


The analysis of the relationship between factors affecting the efficiency of employees in media production work is aimed at: To find the relationship between motivation factors and the performance of employees performing media production work. To find the relationship between support factors and performance in the practice of media production workers by using 400 questionnaires as a tool for data collection. Then statistics were used to analyze the data, namely percentage, mean. T-Test, (one-way anova) hypothesis, Correlation and Multiple Regression Analysis.

The results of the study revealed that it was found that the motivating factor was important in the work success of the person. To be respected Responsibility And progress An important supporting factor is compensation. Supervision Career status Security in work Factors that influence efficiency include quality of work. In terms of workload, time and cost

Recommendations from the results of the study Working current Working environment Should take care of the workplace to be shy. There is a sufficient amount of light. Always have comprehensive and complete equipment and tools available and always safe. Security in work There is a building of confidence among employees. There should be a clearly defined time in advance according to the standards set by the company. There is admiration for talented employees and commendable work. Employees are encouraged to use their ideas freely. In making decisions on the work within the scope of the organization Should encourage employees to have opportunities for growth. Have a chance to show There is an opportunity for promotion, promotion as appropriate and fair. Including having the opportunity to study further Including being given the opportunity to show full ability in the job.

Next suggestion Education about the format of seminars for media workers There is a gathering of many organizations to exchange information, ideas, attitudes at work. And there are guidelines for human resource development to generate knowledge More capabilities


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