Abortion : still a challenging ethical problem in Thai society


  • Phimon Phuphiphit
  • Kesaree Pongsung
  • Onuma Butream


Abortion, ethical, Thai society


Abortion is a world-wide talked problem, including Thai society. Because of the nature of the problem and the condition of the global society which mostly is pluralistic, the resolution, that ‘the abortion could or could not be done, it should be or should not be free will’, can not be reached as a single universal standard.  Some time, some place, there seems to be two opposite opinions, one is for the absolute forbidden and the other is for the individual’s freedom - the society should be open for the free abortion.    However, even though we can not reach an unanimous resolution, we still are able to realize on criteria and indicators of our behavior in the society. In this case is ‘Abortion’.    The first group of criteria referred in this article are Kant’s moral philosophy, Ultimate consciencism. Absolute ethics and religious philosophy such as Buddhism for example. According to this group of criteria good or bad, wrong or right, is absolute or intrinsic, not depend on time, place, circumstances or any person. It is an unchangeable, not exceptional rule, emphasizing on duty or obligation  and they do not allow anyone to be over the rule. Since the abortion is as a killing or to prevent the baby to developing and being born alive (life is intrinsic good), then it is wrong which could not deny or be distorted with any word formation.  The other group of criteria which the worth and correctness of the acts are determined by their consequences for example the utilitarianism. Good or bad, wrong or right, is determined by the utility and happiness. If the abortion brings utility and happiness to people and society, so it is right but if it brings suffer and unhappiness, so it is bad.,   Lastly, the intention is very important. Good intention is good, bad intention is bad. If one does something with intent to get honor, or intent to get profit, or does with egoist intention, those deeds are ethical worthless.  


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