Doctoral Music Composition: “Nak” The Thai Melodrama

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"Nak" The Thai Melodrama is inspired by melodramas by Arnold Schoenberg and Thai ghost stories. The storyline is from the poem Nang Nak Pra Kanong, originally published in B.E. 2474 (1931), transcribed by Praphasri, the pen name of an unknown author. The manuscript was claimed to be found at an old temple in Samutprakarn province. 

“Nak” The Thai Melodrama is the first melodrama using Thai language to narrate the whole story. The music combines both Thai and Western accents. The poem is divided into four acts: Chapter 1)  Prelude, tells about the legend of ancient Thai ghost stories; Chapter 2) Separation, begins with Nai Mak and Nang Nak, husband and wife, who had been living happily together until Nai Mak got enlisted as a soldier; Chapter 3) Haunt, depicts the phobia when Nang Nak died in childbirth and transformed into a ghost; and Chapter 4) Nak, is the song’s conclusion, describing the burial of Nang Nak’s body between “Ta-khian” trees and the incense lighting begging for apologies and forgiveness


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